How to Measure Yourself for the Right Size Charm Bracelet

Hi, Generally if you are measuring yourself for a Charm Bracelet, you would add two (2) CM (Centimeters) from your exact measurement to compensate for the extra room needed that charms add to the size of the bracelet. You will see an example of that below. An easy and accurate way to measure is to purchase a fabric ruler. Look for a fabric ruler that shows CM (centimeters) Metric, Imperial (inches) or both Measurements. You can purchase one at your local grocery store or pharmacy. Another way is to use a piece of paper around your wrist, then use a regular ruler to make the measurement. Refer to the chart below that shows the right sizing for both Charm Bracelets and Bracelets that do not have charms. I hope this page helps you determine the right size Bracelet for you. Thanks for dropping by.